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Course Details (updated for 2019-20)
Thursday or Friday only:
$565 for seven weeks includes HST
Thursday and Friday:
$1,130 for seven weeks includes HST. No refunds after
first week in course.
Entire program, both fall and winter terms:
$2,034 includes HST if paid in advance by September 15,
2018. No refunds after first week in course.
Art supplies: Approximately $150 plus HST for art
materials each term. This will be payable as we go. Most
materials available for purchase in class.

Seven Week Fall session:
Thursday October 17/18, 2019 – Dec. 5/6, 2019
(no classes the week of October 24/25)
Seven Week Winter session:
Thursday January 9/10, 2020 – Friday February 20/21, 2020
Art Show:
Set up February 28, Open house and art show Friday
March 1 to Sunday March 3, 2020.
9:30 am to 3:30 pm
901 Rutherford Road, Thornhill Ontario
(Toronto’s north end)



Find Your Artist - Change the World

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
~Andy Warhol

The Mission
For many years Regine Kurek has offered art and biography courses as two separate streams. This new course is based in a deeper fusion of the Arscura - Art for Life and Life as Art programs and offers a new metamorphic journey and inquiry into arts based learning and inner development. In addition it is a skills training in contemporary art and mixed media. Regine is happy to invite previous Arscura graduates who are interested to return to this offering as a further step on the path of the artist in you! As well, she equally welcomes anyone with or without a formal art background! We all will learn and benefit from each other on this path! In the past year Regine has had the privilege to take part in an intensive art immersion herself and has since then developed this new program. She regards this as a further step on her own life long quest for the ‘Mission of Art’ in the world.

The Program
Join and see for yourself! Give yourself the gift of an art practice that will ‘turn you inside out’ as we will walk into the darkest days of the year together and for seven weeks explore drawing, painting and taking time for a deeper look at Biography and what calls us to be artists! This intensive process will then lead into an active pause over the ‘Twelve Holy Nights’ of mid-winter. We will begin again in the New Year for another seven weeks during which each participant works on a self-chosen theme and develops a body of work arising from the first term and the pause. This ‘pause’ will act as a Void out of which new inspiration is born. All this will culminate in an art show in our final week in March 2018. There might also be an additional gathering around New Year if we so choose.

The Possibilities
It is the intention to make this course as open and accessible as possible! Therefore, it will be possible to sign up for any of the days separately. Needless to say it is the most desirable to experience the synthesis of all parts, but any single part will be rewarding!

Check out the course calendar for the Rudolf Steiner Centre Toronto Summer courses with the theme, "Nourishing the Soul", and two art workshops by Jef Saunders and Regine Kurek, as well as many other interesting topics.

Jef Saunders, with students, summer 2017


Studio Location: 901 Rutherford Road in Thornhill

For more information call 905 763 1003 or email:

Student Art Show (Gallery 5)

Gallery 1 | Gallery 2 | Gallery 3 | Gallery 4

Click on above link to see latest works


Awakens the Senses, Enlivens the Soul, Stirs the Imagination! Being a student of Arscura has brought these gifts of renewal for me both personally and professionally. IMMEASURABLE!!!

L. Trajchef, teacher


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